International Party Tour Cologne

Hit the streets of Germany’s most beautiful city best known for its nightlife and party with people from all over the world. 

We offer free entrance to all locations and a free shot in each bar.

The Pub Crawl starts on Friday and Saturday 9 pm at club "Goldfinger" Friesenstrasse 54 , in the middle of the centre. Limited spots are available, so contact us early to make sure you’re on board!

You prefer to book a private tour for your group? Great! Book your exclusive tour right here!

Looking forward to an amazing party with you,

Team Pub Crawl Cologne

Here a short clip of our tour:


Friesenstrasse 54
50672 Köln


Fridays: 9 pm
Saturdays: 9 pm



Why should I book a Pub Crawl in Cologne?


Avoid unnecessary costs

All reputable nightclubs, as well as many bars require high entry fees for their parties. Usually you wish to experience more of a city's nightlife than just one club or bar. Before you know it, you have spent great amounts. On one or two occasions tourists might find themselves in a rip-off venue. You have paid your entry and find yourself in an empty large hall which looked more than promising from outside. At the pub-crawl you will be guided by local experts of the scene through chosen locations without spending a cent.

At a party you don't want to experience bad surprises

 As in most big cities the general rule applies especially for Cologne that club owners reluctantly let large groups of guests enter. As alcohol is at play, it is feared that the group may feel too powerful later in the night and begin to aggravate guests or the staff. If you take part in the pub-crawl you will not have this concern as long as you behave normally and are well-dressed.

Free drinks

If you participate at the pub-crawl you will normally get a small welcoming-drink at every venue you enter. Certainly this won't suffice the steadfast party animal, but it will give your night a great kick-start!

  • Minimum age for taking part is 18 years

  • Every participant is aware of the effects of alcohol, and his or her state of health allows to consume it

  • Pub Crawl Cologne is not liable for damages to person or property.

  • Every participant is accountable for his or her actions and knows the responsible consumption of alcohol.

  • The guides reserve the right to ban anyone from the tour who acts irresponsibly or is too drunk.

  • There is no guarantee of access to all locations since each bar/club has its own entry policy.

How much do you charge?

The fee for taking part is 25€ per person. If you book your ticket online and in advance it costs 20€.


On which days do you offer a pub crawl?

Currently we tour every Friday and Saturday with the public pub crawl – however we are already planning to offer them also during the week. We offer private pub crawls throughout the week.


Who can participate?

Anyone of legal drinking age (18+) can participate. All we ask is that you don’t come drunk. We also reserve the right to reject any troublemakers in advance and at any point during the pub crawl.


Can I also book a private pub crawl?

Yes – absolutely! You can reserve your spots right here or contact us via email or even better: call us on +49 1634823866 (12pm-8pm)


What’s the limit on group-size?

In order to guarantee a smooth evening we limit the size of our groups to 50 people. In case we have more than that we might split the groups or reject further inquiries for that date.


Where and when do you meet?

You will receive a confirmation email with details regarding time and date. Generally we meet Fridays and Saturdays at the "Club Goldfinger" in the middle of the centre.


Can I participate without drinking?

NO WAY! Just kidding – Of course you can.


Is a reservation required?

Yes. Please purchase your ticket online for a guaranteed spot on the tour. Guests joining on spot pay 25€ per person and may not be able to join at all due to our limited spot availabilities.


How can I participate?

Purchase your ticket online. For questions you can contact us via email or phone